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Unique Superior Characteristics of LOPO Terracotta Wall Tile Materials

Author : Date : 11/10/2016 2:13:49 AM
First, Natural and Environmental 
Terracotta clay bricks use a variety of clay as the main raw materials, while clay is the product of rock weathering that has gone through millions of years or even millions of years, the composition of the structure is very stable, will not produce secondary weathering cracking. And the clay itself does not contain radioactive material, It will not cause any harm to the human body, so LOPO clay bricks is currently the most environmentally friendly ceramic products on the market.
Second, the Ambient Air Humidity “Regulator”
LOPO clay bricks by physical extrusion molding through the tunnel kiln after dozens of hours of high temperature firing. The product has a certain degree of water absorption. When the rainy comes, the clay brick itself will automatically absorb part of the water and coexist in the body, when the scorching sun, the air is dry, it will automatically save the water slowly distributed out, and it can be a good regulation of air humidity. So when walk in split brick for the exterior Area of the area, there is always the feeling of blowing cool wind.
Third, Production and Application of Low-carbon
LOPO terracotta wall tile with clay, shale and cinder as the raw material by vacuum extrusion molding, natural drying and waste heat drying combined, and then into the tunnel kiln with natural gas fired from high temperature. The entire production process to achieve zero emissions of dust and waste water, carbon emissions to a minimum. In the application process, as split brick does not contain metal material, will not produce static electricity, it is not easy to vacuum, with self-cleaning function. As is known to all, the most important insulating material in aerospace engineering is supported by ceramics; clay is inherently good in thermal insulation. So LOPO split brick can well protect the building from the sun and ultraviolet radiation. Plus the ability to adjust the temperature of the environment and then adjust the temperature. It is really worthy of the whole low-carbon, low-carbon life.
Fourth, Long Lasting Life
Eve is a hundred years, a hundred years have passed, but you will find with LOPO terracotta wall brick decorative external walls of the building is still bright as ever. In fact, history and reality have clearly told us that the Great Wall has gone through two thousand years of wind and rain hymn, at the moment in our vision is still so beautiful. In fact, LOPO clay tile on the choice of materials and the brick wall of the ancient brick has a similar beauty; but in the formula, extrusion molding and firing process has been superior than the original hundreds or even thousands of times. Therefore, in a sense, that LOPO split brick holding a new century is too short, a thousand years is not long.