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Mosaic Tiles Become A Popular Trend In Kitchen Backsplash Design

Author : Date : 1/22/2015 1:46:40 AM
nMosaic Tiles are a fun way to bring an artistic touch to your home or business. Made from any variety of porcelain, ceramic, glass or natural stone, mosaic tiles are small square, rectangle, hexagon, octagon or diamond shaped pieces that are attached to a mesh backing for easy installation. Most often used on walls, floors, or as decorative trim, they are a very popular trend in kitchen backsplash design. Mosaic tiles are often 1″ x 1″ or 2″ x 2″ pieces on a 12″ x 12″ sheet but can be purchased in many sizes and configurations.


There are many styles and patterns of mosaic tile. Common patterns include:

• Basketweave
• Pebble
• Hexagon
• Octagon
• Herringbone
• Split face
• Stackstone
• Brick mesh

Common mosaic surfaces include:

• Travertine
• Marble
• Glass
• River rocks
• Porcelain
• Slate
• Quartzite

Mosaics can be high gloss, matte, tumbled, honed, or polished.


In transitional, modern and contemporary kitchen design, many homeowners are using glass mosaics to create bright, colorful glass tile backsplashes behind stoves and sinks. The glass tiles bring a sleek, clean design to the kitchen while providing a protective surface that’s easy to maintain.

Natural Stone Mosaics

In traditional and old world kitchen design, marble and travertine mosaic backsplash designs in a basketweave, herringbone, or tumbled mesh style create an elegant, sophisticated look.

Porcelain Subway Tile

Black and white mosaic tiles create a timeless retro feel to bathrooms, reminiscent of a New York subway station at the turn of the century. Used on floors and walls, contemporary designs stray from the classic black and white by adding a colorful selection of porcelain tile.


Custom mosaic designs in large rounds, ovals, and rectangles are available through special order at any of our locations. Using a stunning selection of natural stone, specially cut pieces of tile are assembled to create a gorgeous design that becomes the focal point of a kitchen backsplash, hallway floor, or entranceway wall.

Custom Mosaic Tiles offers our customers the ability to design their own custom mosaic tile. Simply select the tile colors, finish, and grout color, then with one click, see your creation come to life. You can special order your very own mosaic creation – designed by you!