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Products > Glass Mosaic
Glass mosaic | Glass mosaic Tile through hot melt technology, it’s by thermal furnace glass heated to a molten state (heating temperature is generally in 750 ° C), so that the glass is formed of natural, various forms and three-dimensional patterns.
Shape: [All] Square, Freedom,
Sheet Mounted: [All] Mesh Mounted,
Chip Size: [All] 23mmX23mm,
Sheet Size: [All]
Color: [All] Whites / Ivory, Beiges / Yellow, Browns / Tans, Reds / Pinks, Blacks, Blues, Golden,
Style: [All] Modern, Metallic,
Applicable Place: [All] Inside wall, Kitchen and Bathroom, etc,
Thickness: [All] 8mm,

Glass Mosaic - Full Body Mosaic
Glass Mosaic - Full Body Mosaic
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