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Products > Ceramic Mosaic
Ceramic Mosaic | Ceramic Mosaic Tile could retain rough surface without any modification, also could glaze firing to form glazed ceramic mosaic. It’s waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and easy to clean, mostly used for exterior and kitchen.
Shape: [All] Square, Rectangle, Round, Freedom, Hexahon,
Sheet Mounted: [All] Mesh Mounted, Dot Mounted,
Chip Size: [All] 10mmX10mm, 12mmX12mm, 15mmX15mm, 15mmx48mm, 15mmx98mm, 18.5mmx18.5mm, 23mmX23mm, 23mmX48mm, 23mmx48mm, 23mmX73mm, 24mmx24mm, 25mmX25mm, 30mmX30mm, 32mmx32mm, 32mmx98mm, 48mmX48mm, 73mmX73mm, 25mmx48mm, 19mm,
Sheet Size: [All] 300mmx300mm, 306mmx306mm, 305mmx305mm, 308mmx308mm, 270mmx310mm, 300mmx306mm, 255mmx290mm, 295mmx295mm, 302mmx302mm, 297mmx297mm, 150mmx306mm, 302.5mmx302.5mm, 300mmx306mm, 255mmx290mm, 308mmx308mm, 310mmx310mm,
Color: [All] Whites / Ivory, Beiges / Yellow, Grays, Browns / Tans, Reds / Pinks, Blacks, Purple, Blues, Greens, Golden, Silver, colorful,
Style: [All] Modern, Metallic, Monochrome,
Applicable Place: [All] Both Inside and Outside Wall & Floor, Swimming Pool, Shower Room, Inside wall, Kitchen and Bathroom, etc, Inside Wall, Dry Place ,
Thickness: [All] 2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 6.5mm,

Ceramic Mosaic - Electroplating Mosaic
Ceramic Mosaic - Electroplating Mosaic
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